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Energy Usage Calculator: Calculate How Much Power Your Appliances Consume

The power consumption of appliances is dependent on multiple factors, including the appliance's wattage and how many hours it is running.

Ascertaining the power consumption of certain appliances such as air conditioners, heaters, computers, among others is much more complicated, as the energy usage of those appliances varies significantly while they are on.

For example: Air conditioner power consumption is determined by the temperature setting on your thermostat, which then affects how long the internal compressor runs. The compressor isn't necessarily running while the unit is turned on!

The power consumption of a computer on the other hand is determined by the software you are running. If it is idle, your computer may draw a miniscule 5 Watts. If you're running a GPU or CPU-intensive operation such as compilation or video rendering, it could far exceed that.

Fill out the following details to calculate the power consumption of your device (1 kW = 1,000 Watts):

Please note that the resulting figures are approximated.

If the device is being used for less than one hour, just use decimals (for example: 0.5 for 30 minutes).