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Top 3 Most Worthwhile PC Upgrades For Desktops

A guide to the top three PC upgrades, as well as important details to help you see them all through such as compatibility, performance details, and more.

Why The Volvo S90 Plug-In Hybrid Costs More Than Regular Hybrids

Plug-in hybrid cars offer more than you think. Let’s look at key differences between the Volvo S90 PHEV and non-plugin hybrids to justify the price differences.

New Toshiba EV Battery Can Add 200 Miles Of Range In 6 Minutes

Toshiba has developed a new SCiB battery that they claim can enable electric cars to add 320 km (almost 200 miles) of range with just 6 minutes of charging.

Beautiful PC Cases For The Insatiable

A look at some of the most exotic, while refined gaming PC case designs featuring tempered glass panels, an abundance of LEDs, and exceptional airflow.

Porsche Cars Recalled Due To Odd Emissions Test Results

The German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrint has...

4 Ways Cloud Companies Take Control Of Customer Data

Cloud storage is convenient, whether it's used for personal data storage or business needs for a large corporation. Most user concerns about cloud storage center on data security and backups for disaster recovery. This point raises another issue to worry about as well...

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Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Commence On July 28

The first customers will take delivery of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 electric car today. The car, one of the first two mass-market EVs with ranges exceeding 200 miles, is priced at $35,000 USD, excluding incentives. The Chevy Bolt (the other mass-market EV I...

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Porsche Cars Recalled Due To Odd Emissions Test Results

The German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrint has withdrawn certification for Porsche Cayenne vehicles equipped with three-cylinder Diesel engines due to faulty emissions control software. On Thursday, during an internal probe into their vehicles, Porsche stated...

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U.K. Joins Norway, India, And France In Petrol Car Ban

The United Kingdom has joined Norway, India, and France in banning the sale of petrol and Diesel-powered cars by a set date. The U.K.'s ban will take effect in 2040, India's will take effect in 2025, Norway's in 2025, and France's in 2040. These bans on the sale of...

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3 Tools To Simplify Shared Spending With Your Spouse

It’s challenging to go from managing your own money to sharing the responsibility with another person. For this reason, money is one of the biggest things that married couples argue about. However, shared spending doesn’t have to be a thorn in your marriage. Several...

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